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By signing up to The Norden Method™ you get free access to the Yellow Jacket Course, which will provide the correct foundation for you to progress your journey to become a professional futures trader.

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After passing the exams and being a Yellow Jacket certified, you will gain access to purchase the Red Jacket Course and subscribe to The Exchange.

The Red Jacket Course reveals the unique style of trading designed and written by Gary Norden, based on the techniques of professional order flow traders. It is delivered by a comprehensive curriculum of both video and text lessons that covers, in depth, all aspects of The Norden Method™ of scalping futures.

Only the Red Jacket students have the opportunity to engage and participate in The Exchange, our community subscription area that contains many added benefits, including:

  • Monthly meet-ups hosted by gary Norden where you can have your questions answered and hear new insights from Gary
  • Grade My Trade: Send in your trading videos and stats and have them analysed and reviewed by Gary
  • Watch dozens of videos from other Norden Method™ students that have been analysed and narrated by Gary for you to learn from
  • Exclusive discounts to broker commissions and trading software and platforms
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