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With EUREX Futures and NORDEN METHOD™  You Are in Good Hands to Start Trading Futures in a More Professional Way. 
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Why EUREX Micro Product Suite?

Discover the key benefits of Eurex Micro Product Suite.

Easy access to European equity index futures 

Gain exposure to EURO STOXX 50®, DAX® and SMI® with a small contract size 

Cost-efficient products

Micro contracts are the ideal trading instrument for global investors with smaller-sized portfolios

Why Norden Method™ for Futures?

Discover the trading method developed by Gary Norden.

Pathway to Professionalism

Follow the same roadmap that the former floor traders took by advancing sequentially, building endurable trading skills, brick-by-brick. 

Skin in The Game Education

Learn the real trading knowledge and skills,  provided by a former market maker of LIFEE and a sucessful hedge fund manager

Access to "The Exchange"

Get exclusive access to follow-on content. plattforms discounts, trade reviews and much more, in a low fee monthly subscription.
"We teach futures traders to play a different game, a professional one, based on old-school market making techniques adapted for modern electronic markets."
Gary Norden
 Founder of Norden Method™ and NN² hedge fund
Eurex & Norden Method™

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