Blue Button Course

Introduction to Order Flow Trading

The Blue Button Course is an optional text and video-based supplement geared for newer traders, or those requiring a stronger base of knowledge about Order Flow Trading before undertaking the Norden Method Red Jacket Course & Community.
Having passed your Yellow Jacket - initial pit exam - a new floor trader would be designated as a Blue Button.  Earning the Blue Button allowed entrance into a pit, but only under supervision of a more experienced trader. 
Gary Norden ranks amongst a small minority of professional traders that successfully made the transition from floor to screen. What made the adjustment from open outcry so difficult? How did some traders find new edge while so many others struggled? What edge exists for modern day locals today?  We tackle these questions herein.
The Blue Button Course is not a pre-requisite for enrollment into the Red Jacket Course).
There is no certification exam associated with this course. 
Free navigation is also enabled for the Blue Button Course.  This enables you to skip between and bypass content at your discretion.
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