The Norden Method
Red Jacket Course

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Back in the day, coveted Red Jackets were worn only by Locals. The Norden Method has been designed to reintroduce the development roadmap followed by former Locals on the London International Financial Futures Exchange, but adapted for modern electronic futures markets.

The Red Jacket Course (USD$2,795) is a comprehensive explanation of the unique Norden Method of day trading futures complete with video examples. You are given the opportunity to pass the rigorous Red Jacket exam and we award those who pass on their first attempt with an authentic PECO (est 1919), red trading jacket with embroidered Norden Method insignia.
  • Previously licensed customers of The Principals of Market Making Manual may qualify for an upgrade price.  Contact our Support Desk below via our Chat service below. 
The Red Jacket Course provides the opportunity to earn Norden Method Certification.
  • The certification exam consists of 55 questions
  • The exam must be completed within 75-minutes.
  • 80% pass mark required, one attempt only. 
  • Those passing on their first attempt are awarded an authentic PECO (since 1919) red trading jacket with embroidered Norden Method insignia - available in M, L or XL
Sequential Navigation is enforced.  Each learning element must be completed based on prescribed time before advancing to the next element, and before accessing the Norden Method Certification Exam.
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