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The Exchange is exclusively to Red Jacket enrolles


Think of The Exchange as a Performance Center  for The Norden Method. 
This subscription is available exclusively to Red Jacket enrollees. 
Monthly Meetups
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Virtual Trading Room
Each month, Gary hosts and records live online meet-ups, which generally follow a Q&A format to reinforce and supplement your understanding of the Norden Method.
From time to time we also schedule additional events to host others from the professional trading world as well as other related performance disciplines.
The Exchange is your access point to submit trading videos and/or performance stats for potential review by Gary.
Professional traders always understand what drives their P&L. By reviewing actual recordings/stats provided by our students, which we of course anonymize if shared herein, everyone benefits from the detailed examination Gary provides of real-world application of the Norden Method.

Chat to Norden Method students in our exclusive community area plus receive market and trading updates from Gary.

In addition, members receive access to an exclusive deal with broker Stage 5 of $99pm flat fee inclusive of all broker fees.

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